Reduce Slips, Trips and Falls through Training

Reduce Slips, Trips and Falls through Training

Reduce Slips, Trips and Falls through Training

We generally think that a slip, trip and fall are minor incidents and do not cause any real damage. In reality the slip, trip & fall injuries can be very serious accidents and in some cases, affect people for the rest of their lives. Broken bones, spine and back injuries are often the painful results of these accidents, which lead to more medical expenses and leave workers unable to work.


Too little friction or grip, between feet and working or walking surface, resulting in loss of balance.


  • Spills such as Water, Mud, Grease, Oil etc., on walking surfaces or smooth floors
  • Dry substances such as, Dusts, Powders, Granules, Wood, Plastic wrapping etc. make walking surface slippery
  • Highly-polished floors can be slippery , even when dry such as Concrete, Marble, Ceramic tile etc.


Foot or lower leg hits object, resulting in loss of balance. Getting down to lower surface and losing balance.


  • Uncovered wires, cables, or extension cords across walkways.
  • Clutter or obstacles in aisles, work areas and walkways.
  • Open file or desk drawers, cabinet and doors etc.


Falls occur when there is a loss of balance.


  • Falls from an elevation such as falls from roofs, ladders, going down stairs or jumping to a lower level, etc.

To prevent these hazards, effective training is a must for the employers, supervisors, and workers at the workplace to transform “on-paper” benefits, into an actual return on investment.

Some possible trainings are:

  • How slip, trip and fall accidents occur and how to prevent them.
  • A heightened awareness of hazards and the importance of good housekeeping procedures.
  • A responsible approach to ensure personal safety.

How Safety training is delivered today?

In the past, working safety education training in most organizations and industries was delivered via on-the-job training and classroom instruction, which require more time, cost and manpower. With today’s generation of connected workers, , a new and easy way of learning and working can take place, with the available technologies and advanced mobile devices. To train the employees on safety, MLearning can be a best option which provides learner’s just-in-time information, knowledge or resources at the “moment of need”.

The effectiveness of Mobile Learning, stems out of the fact that mobile devices provide an easy and convenient access, to a variety of learning content by providing video snippets, learning bytes, do’s and don’ts of hazards to the workers, on a daily basis, anytime and anywhere, as per the need of the workers, so that there is no information overload.

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