Tips to Reduce Cost on E-learning Development

5 Tips to Reduce Cost on E-learning Development

5 Tips to Reduce Cost on E-learning Development

A fact about eLearning is that it is cost efficient and can be developed within budgets without losing its gist. The other way round we see organizations that have low training budgets and can develop eLearning courses with very low cost. Well, we should not consider cost constraints in terms of eLearning, as it is the only training source that can be developed at any budget, low or high and made available for small or large organizations for their essential training needs.

Specific requirements might raise the cost of e-learning development. This must be the question in your mind. Right? Well, let’s see some tips to satisfy your requirements as well reduce cost on eLearning.

Don’t go for high level interactivity : Try looking for simple interactivities, rather than opting for high level interactivities in the course, which might impact your cost. You don’t need to create a highly interactive course to address every topic, and see if you can address your training need with level 1 /2 interactivity. Your level of interactivity will have a high impact on the cost.

Leverage on existing content : Now a days, every organization keeps a record of materials to train its employees at a stretch. These materials can be in the form of MS-Word documents, PDF files and so on. Such materials can be used to develop an eLearning course. Once the material that has to be used is finalized, you have to convert it into a course using rapid authoring tools like Lectora, Captivate, and Storyline. These tools are less expensive and online courses can be developed within a short time span.

Build a central media library : The experience of current projects worked can be used for future reference; you can develop complex-to-simple interactivities, videos, images, etc. It is wise to reuse this content, rather than produce the same thing again and again.You can have a media library or a development kit, which can be used as a base for future projects. This will be like a one-stop shop for developers looking for interactivities, videos and images.

Leave it to the experts : E-learning courseware development is a highly labor intensive, mechanical, and technical job. So, do not attempt to use your internal resources to develop the courses unless they are experts in the areas of instructional designing, graphics, and authoring tools. Otherwise, doing so will double your expenses and doesn’t give you the expected results. Outsource to an expert to develop the course, as the work is done on time with high quality.

Well, these are few little tips that will help you develop the elearning course within your budget at a reduced cost without losing its gist. Do you have anything to add?

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