5 Undeniable Reasons to Love Interactivities in E-learning

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5 Undeniable Reasons to Love Interactivities in E-learning

Do you find continuously looking at heavy content onscreen and clicking the next button interesting? I don’t find anything else as boring as this. What can make it interesting is what im going to share through this blog. If you want to create an enhancing and engaging eLearning course, a great option is to add interactivities which meet your requirements.

You must be wondering “Why interactivities”? My answer is “Try interactivities” and look at the drastic change of a normal course into an effective eLearning course. I shall share with you the “5 undeniable reasons to love interactivities in eLearning”.

 Attracting Learners Attention

When you look at something it must be either “too good” or “too boring”. If it’s too good what is that which attracted you? That is what we would like to offer our learners who go through the courses. The main objective behind adding interactivities is to attract learners and make them attentive towards the course and to retain knowledge. The task is not too easy and cannot happen just by dumping content into PowerPoint, but it involves in making it interesting so that it attracts learners and make them stay in the course. For example using click on images will help us make the content look short as it is segregated into points, placing relevant images will add much depth to the learners understanding, and as the learner clicks on the images he comes out of a boring mood and finds it interesting and engaging. 

 Breaking Monotony of Learners

Before thinking from the learners point of view, I personally feel sleepy when I go through heavy content constantly. Hence, to avoid it we must add an interesting interactivity that will keep the learner engaged. Adding interactivities like click on arrows or click on tabs suits best for heavy content which makes the learners active, enhance their learning, and break monotony.

 Retaining Knowledge

Personal interaction is always the best option to remember something for a long time and you actually understand the concept. An example for this could be using simulations, where the learners have to do everything by themselves in turn to retain knowledge. This helps them learn much quickly as they practically do a task.

 Motivating Learners

Adding elements like scenarios energize learners by making them aware of certain concepts or on incidents that occured. These scenarios are represented in a story format with audio so that it sounds interesting when you watch and listen to it. When the learner gets started with an interesting topic it will definitely flow through and motivate him throughout the course.

Motivating Learners

 More Advanced Learning

Games seems to be very interesting to everyone right from a kid to an elderly person. How about adding games to a course? This sounds much more interesting and to me as well. When you want your learner to learn faster and in an advanced way, adding game based assesments or interactivities will help, as they make learning fun and effective. They are colorful and attractive and enable learners to learn the subject through fun activities.

 These are some views that I could share about interactivities in an eLearning course, which can retain knowledge for a longer time. Do you have anything to add to this list? Please do share.

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