4 Benefits of Interactivities in E-learning

Best Practices for Deploying Product Knowledge Training

Just try doing a Google search for training programs and it will throw up 100s of off-the-shelf training programs. But how sure are you that these off-the-shelf courses will address your specific business needs? There is a better solution to address industry and company-specific training needs – Custom eLearning solutions. Custom eLearning solutions can improve efficiency, effectiveness, and ensure better ROI. Here, I will talk of 5 advantages custom eLearning offers.

Offer Real-life Scenarios

For one of our clients who wanted to train their distributors on the latest product, we developed a scenario-based training program. To make it more personal and to connect with the audience, we used the actual names of many of the distributors and came up with a scenario-based game, in which learners had to take decisions they would be taking during their actual work. At the end of the course, we had a happy client and happy learners.

When learning is made personal, learner interaction & motivation, and knowledge retention are higher. This is only possible with custom eLearning, as an off-the-shelf course cannot be customized to suit the specific business needs of organizations.

Reflect Values and Branding

Another major advantage of choosing custom eLearning is that you can align your courses with your organization’s values and branding. Just as custom content will help learners connect with the course, so will adding their organization’s logos and branding make the courses exclusive to the company and its employees. This is especially useful for customer-facing employees as they are the image of the company to the outside world.

Offer Targeted Assessments & Focused Training

With custom eLearning solutions, you can give targeted assessments based on the customer’s own specific content, which is advantageous to both the learners and the company. When the assessments are tied to very specific tasks the learners have to perform at the workplace, it strengthens learning by giving then specific, rather than generic feedback. It further helps them analyze where they lag, giving them the chance to improve.

As far as the organization is concerned, targeted assessments give them essential information that can pinpoint where learners are struggling and what subjects may require more training. Each organization is unique and their learning needs are just as unique. Therefore, the need for focused training is highly essential.

For our client, we developed a custom scenario-based decision-making assessment that helped the organization assess the decision-making skills of its employees. This assessment was focused on the specific roles of employees, thus providing them a highly customized learning experience.

Offer Increased ROI

Increased ROI is the most important aspect of custom eLearning because this is what every organization looks for when they opt for custom eLearning programs. Though the initial cost of custom development is higher than that of off-the-shelf courses, the benefits far outweigh the costs. This is because when employees are trained well, they are more likely to stay motivated and be more productive in their jobs. A supportive online learning environment that offers an engaging and interactive learning experience to learners translates into better ROI for the organization . Therefore, custom eLearning is definitely worth the investment.

 Regardless of the choice of learning you choose, off-the-shelf or custom eLearning, the most important aspect to consider is the engagement of learners. That said, custom eLearning has various advantages that can work very well for an organization. Which form of training do you prefer? Do share your thoughts on what worked best for you.

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