5 Reasons for Adopting E-learning [Video]

5 Reasons for Adopting E-learning [Video]

reasons to adopt elearning

Today the way people learn has changed and e-learning is making quick inroads into the world of corporate training. According to the ASTD 2013 State of the Industry Report, it estimated that U.S. organizations alone spent approximately $164.2 billion on employee learning in 2012. And, according to Global Industry Analysts, corporate training alone is a $200 billion industry and of which eLearning represents up to $56.2 billion. This proves that there are powerful benefits associated with eLearning.

According to the ASTD report, some of the reasons for choosing eLearning are:

  1. It is just-in-time
  2. It is portable
  3. It saves money
  4. It is motivating
  5. It is consistent
  6. It is increases productivity
  7. It is customizable
  8. It is real time
  9. It is your time
  10. It provides a proof of completion

In this video, let’s see some of the benefits of eLearning.

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