7 Reasons for Adopting eLearning

7 Reasons for Adopting eLearning

7 Reasons for Adopting eLearning

E-learning is making quick inroads to corporate training. According to Global Industry Analysts corporate training alone is a $200 billion industry of which eLearning represents $56.2 billion and is expected to grow into a $107 billion market by 2015. This indicates that there are powerful benefits associated with eLearning. Let’s see the seven signs which emphasize the importance of eLearning.

1. eLearning is just-in-time and portable:

In today’s competitive word, it is essential that we have immediate access to information when required. This has specific relevance to personnel in a sales team. eLearning does not always mean courses hosted on an Learning Management System. It could take forms like CDs, mobile apps, interactive eBooks with audio and video, which can be easily accessed just by a click on multiple devices like Smartphones, PCs, iPads, etc.

2. eLearning is consistent:

E-learning is much more consistent than classroom training where we have multiple trainers and the quality of the training depends on their training approach. Many times we forget the learning style of our learners that results in developing ineffective training programs. E-learning is more consistent in the way the information is provided and caters to individuals’ learning styles that makes it more effective.

3. eLearning is customizable:

The training needs of one organization are different from that of the others. We can completely customize our eLearning by including content that is very specific and addresses our training needs. We will always have the liberty to say what we want our course to include.

4. eLearning is increased retention:

When our learner gets knowledge, which can immediately be used/applied in a real-time situation, the chances that they retain the same is quite high. Therefore, it is very essential that they get information when needed. Through eLearning, we can provide our learners access to the right information just when they need it. This keeps our learners excited and interested about the training as well as retaining and using the knowledge gained when required.

5. eLearning is cost effective:

In classroom training, we have to spend on scheduling the training, providing necessary accessories required by the trainer for conduction the training, making available training material handouts and providing refreshments, not to forget the travelling expenses of the trainer and the trainees’ to attend the session. Also sometimes we tend to forget the opportunity we are losing due to large workforce spending hours and days together in a training room.

eLearning, on the other hand, is a single-time investment and can be used multiple times. Today with so many authoring tools in place we can quickly turnaround multiple training programs within 3-4 weeks. Multiple learners can access the course from anywhere and anytime, no additional material/accessories required and no opportunity is lost since our learners can always come back to the eLearning and continue from where they left last.

6. eLearning is my time:

Learners will have access to the course anytime; they can take the course whenever they feel like or have some free time. If they have any important task that comes up when taking the course, they can always exit the course, come back and continue from where they left. Also unlike classroom training, learners can easily start from the beginning in case they want to revise the complete training.

7. eLearning is proof of completion:

When eLearning is hosted on a Learning Management System, it helps us keep track of learners’ progress, who have completed and passed, who have completed but failed, who have still not started or are in progress with the course. This acts as a proof of completion that the learners have taken the course and scored the required criteria to qualify the training. It also displays how many attempts they have made to complete the course and what is their score. Immediate certificates can also be awarded to the learners on successful completion.

So do you think it is worth investing in eLearning? If you are already using eLearning, what made you do that? Please do share your thoughts with us.

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