Realizing Your True Potential

Realizing Your True Potential

Realizing Your True Potential

If you know that you are doing what your mind and heart say and excelling at it, this blog is not meant for you. You have realized where your potential lies; and you enjoy doing it.

However, if you feel that you are languishing for a while now in the position you are in right now, I think you need some soul searching. You may not have realized your true potential yet and may be leading a mundane life. It is time for a change.

Many of us get inspired by people with amazing achievements and character. And we try to be like them. We try and make several changes to the things we do and the way we do them in order to suit them to their way of doing it. Finally, we end up giving up, with no hope of success. This happens because of the simple fact that we are “different from those people”. We are different in our innate abilities, thinking and passions. The first step towards maximizing our true potential is to realize this fact.

Stop Trying To Be Someone Else: God created you as a unique human being with unique abilities and potential. So do not imitate anybody. If you imitate others, you lose sight of what you really are and are capable of.

It does not however mean that you cannot have role models. It means that you acknowledge their greatness and underline the important qualities that made them great. Observe how they realized their potential but be yourself.

Keep Looking into Yourself: Be aware of what you do, what you enjoy doing and what you do well which others struggle to do. This self analysis gives you an idea about your innate abilities and talents. Look at your hobbies; they too shed light into your hidden talents. For instance, you may sing well without much effort, which means you have the potential to become a great singer.

At times, what others say about you can also help you know what you are good at. But do not get carried away. Have an objective look at these comments and know the truth for yourself.

Take Action: Only thinking about what you are best at can take you nowhere – putting it into practice is what counts. So take action. Set achievable and measurable targets. You will move ahead towards your aspirations. Soon you will realize that you have what it takes to achieve success in life.

When your passion becomes your profession or ambition in life, you not only enjoy your actions but also face setbacks, if any, with vigor and enthusiasm. This will enable you to scale new heights and make your life more and more fulfilling. Look at people like Sachin Tendulkar – and the kind of passion and commitment he shows towards his game. Though he has the inborn talent for the sport, he practices hard. This is what makes him realize the full potential of his God-given abilities. Show the same kind of commitment to your life’s purpose and the sky will be the limit for your achievements.

Do share your thoughts on the same.

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  • We are given 4-5 CORE strengths and a strength is something we LIKE to do, we do well (ABILITY) and there is a marketplace that will pay us. Then once you figure this out, you then can apply it to other venues. Pick 10 accomplishments YOU are proud of…what did you do, what did you do to do it and what were the results. You will come out with a tapestry or a theme of those items of likes, skills and then finding the place where you can make the contribution. Good Luck!