Why Rapid eLearning for Just-in- time Learning? [Infographic]

There comes a time in every employee’s life when what was learned during training, is forgotten. It could be as simple as forgetting the fifth step in a 9-step process; it could be as urgent as having to pull out a policy in the presence of an angry customer, and not being able to remember which one it is that applies to that individual; or it could be as frustrating as getting stuck when installing an appliance, but having no access to a troubleshooting manual.

The result is ‘poor’ customer satisfaction. What would help in these situations is performance support – just-in-time information that is accessible and applicable at the point of need, and solves a very specific work-related problem. Just-in-time learning is not training; it is performance support and must address a specific problem.

Check our infographic to see the advantage of using rapid e-learning for just-in- time learning.

Why Rapid eLearning for Just-in- time Learning? [Infographic]

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