Motivating Learners Using Quizzes and Puzzles in E-learning

Motivating Learners Using Quizzes and Puzzles in E-learning

Motivating Learners Using Quizzes and Puzzles in E-learning

Completing an online training program through an eLearning course demands discipline, planning and a good deal of motivation. While the onus is on the learner to inculcate these traits, the way the courses are designed can also play an important role. Your course may have lots of good and valuable information but if it is not presented well it may fail to motivate learners to move forward.

The best way to go about is to understand what motivates your learners and design courses by incorporating those elements.

Quizzes can be one of those motivating elements that could propel the interest and curiosity of learners as they progress in the course. Below are different ways quizzes can be used in eLearning courses and motivate learners.

Test prior knowledge of learners about the subject matter

Quizzes can be introduced at the beginning of the eLearning course to test the extent of knowledge that learners have on the subject matter. Questions can be related to the fundamental aspects of the subject and also certain practical questions that have relevance to the role or job of learners. This could enable learners to choose their preferred learning path. For example, if learners are thorough with the fundamentals, they could skip the module and go to the next level without having to waste time on basics.

Indicate the inherent value of the course to learners

Quizzes at the end of a module or after sharing a key concept enable learners to evaluate their understanding of the course. The way the quiz questions are structured should indicate to learners the inherent value of the course to them in their jobs. That is, they should be able to get an idea about what they are likely to learn in the course and the value that course is likely to bring to their job and personal growth. For example, if the course is about an improved process that the organization is planning to implement, the quiz questions should also deal with how the improved process is going to benefit learners vis-a-vis existing one – reduced effort, time or raw material.

Reiterate and evaluate understanding of content

Quizzes can be used to enable learners to relate the concepts shared to their actual job situation. Once an important concept is shared, it would be a good idea to enable learners to assess if they have understood the concept. One way of doing it, is to give a scenario that is similar to what learners are likely to face in their jobs and pose relevant questions about the right decisions or practices for the given situation. This is bound to attract the attention of learners as the knowledge has direct application to their jobs. They are likely to pay more attention and if they are not able to answer the questions correctly, they are more likely to go back and review the content once again.

Quizzes break the monotony and enable learners to interact with the online course. It is also a useful tool to build interest and motivate learners to stay connected throughout the duration of the course. Therefore, it is a good idea to include quizzes in eLearning courses.

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