Questions I no longer ask and those that I do!

Questions I no longer ask and those that I do!

Questions I no longer ask and those that I do!

This month’s Big Question in Learning Circuits is, “What questions are you no longer asking? What are your new questions?”

I have been in the field of Human Performance Improvement for the last 25 years and in e-learning for the last 10. I have restricted my write-up only to e-learning custom courseware development, which is our core business at CommLab India.


In general, I have stopped asking all open-ended questions and some of those listed below:

  • How did you like the training?
  • Did you learn anything useful?
  • Why doesn’t your course have performance-based learning objectives?
  • What is your training budget?
  • Do you want the online course SCORM/AICC compliant?
  • Moodle what, did you say?
  • Do you want reusable learning objects?
  • Do you also want a CD-ROM version of the course?
  • Are your learners computer literate and Internet savvy?


  • How fast do you want the e-learning course to be delivered? In three weeks?
  • Do you want a 30-minute course or a 45-minute course?
  • Do you want the course to be delivered to mobile phones?
  • Which version of Moodle are you using? Moodle 1.9.10+?
  • How many international languages do you want the course translated into?
  • Which authoring tools do you prefer? Captivate, Articulate or Lectora?
  • Do you want to use webinars for product training?
  • Does US$ 5000 fit your budget for a 30-minute course?
  • Is your LMS Web 2.0?
  • Don’t know the answer? Why don’t you Google-search it?

Thank you for reading my blog and for sharing your comments.

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