5 Questions an E-learning Project Manager Should Ask His Client

5 Questions an E-learning Project Manager Should Ask His Client

5 Questions an E-learning Project Manager Should Ask His Client

What do you do immediately after an eLearning project is assigned to you? Will you directly jump into it and share the inputs with the team for the development? If yes, then you may face an uphill task in the future. Instead, try this. Interview your client; ask as many relevant questions related to project as possible.

This will help you to know more about your CUSTOMER and your PROJECT. It is essential for a Project Manager to have a clear and complete idea about his customer and project as he leads his team and shows them the direction towards project success.

Here are the 5 Questions I would recommend a Project Manager should ask his customer immediately after the project is assigned to him:

1. What Is the Business Problem?

Know what are the primary business needs or problems that led to this project.

Understand what kind of value your customer wants to generate or metrics that they want to improve or issues they would like to resolve.

2. What Is the Goal of the Project?

Know what the success of the project is. Is it to increase the sales of the organization or create awareness about corporate culture? Also know as a result of this project, how should the target audience behave, feel and think.

3. How Do You Measure Success?

Know how your customer measures the success of the eLearning project. Does he conduct the survey and take feedback from the learners?

4. Who Is the Target Audience?

Know who the target audience is.

  • Are they computer savvy?
  • Are they adults?
  • Are they white-collared or blue-collared employees?

5. When Should the Course be Launched?

Know the launch date of the course. This would help the Project Manager as he can plan for the smooth execution and make sure that the project is signed off even before the launch date.

What questions do you ask your customers in a similar situation? Do share them; I would love to hear from you.

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