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Phases of QA in eLearning Projects

Phases of QA in eLearning Projects

Quality Assurance is the most important stage in eLearning courseware development.   Here are some of the Test Phases that are performed during the eLearning QA process:

  • Usability Testing
    At the Usability Testing phase, we evaluate to what extent the human interface is effective in enhancing the learning experience. Content specifications in Storyboards are reviewed and final courses material is checked for spelling and grammatical errors, inconsistencies in styles and fonts and so on. Script documents are matched with the page heading / titles / subtitles matching to ensure accuracy and consistency in formatting and style. The focus here is to ensure that the user remains focused on learning rather than spending time trying to navigate around the course.
  • GUI Testing
    In this phase we evaluate alignments of graphics in the final product along with color and logo brandings in accordance with client specifications. We also assess the visibility of text with colors, Layout of text and graphics, readability of text among other things.
  • Functionality Testing
    In this phase, we have a check list to ensure that all components in the e-learning program are functioning properly. We test to make sure all the components like buttons, links & URLs, navigation features, overlap of voiceover in the courseware are functioning as required. It also includes checking items like the animation replay button and functionality of rollovers.
  • Regression Testing
    During the regression testing, we check to make sure that the modifications are implemented in the latest version and ensure that the remaining content has not been tampered with. We also check to make sure that the program behavior has not been affected with new changes in the user interface.
  • Localization
    Localization testing is the phase where we check how well the course has been tailored to suit the target language. We test the multi-lingual course content with the help of respective translation templates and the final English version of the course.
  • Online (Web)
    After testing all the phases in PC version (offline), QA will check the Web version (Online) of the final product to check real time issues that learners may face while using the interface like – pre-caching of course, page loading, links to external documents, loading of graphics and so on.

Each eLearning company may have its own set of phases of quality testing. Whatever be different testing stages, the ultimate objective is to have a product that is superior in quality that is bug-free, accurate, user-friendly and easy to learn from.

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