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5 Tips for Quality Assurance in eLearning Course Design [Infographic]

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The best way to engage learners in online learning is by developing an effective eLearning course. Many aspects are to be considered while developing courses. For one, your stakeholders should be happy with the course as defects reflect poorly on the team and the organization on the whole. You can avoid embarrassment with well-demonstrated quality assurance. The general definition of quality is “meeting customer requirements”. What is that and how can that be achieved in e-learning?

Ensure that you follow a detailed checklist to avoid errors. Maintain standards and ensure clients consistently get high quality products. Have a system of checks at every stage of the process as it helps pick up errors, and plays a big part in continuous improvement and innovation. Check this infographic for five quality assurance tips for eLearning course design.

5 Tips for Quality Assurance in eLearning Course Design [Infographic]

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