Quality Analysis of an Elearning Course

Quality Analysis of an Elearning Course

Quality Analysis of an Elearning Course

Quality analysis of an elearning course is involved right from receiving the client’s inputs, to the delivery of the final product. It involves taking into consideration the learners’ perspective and preferences, along with the various economical, organizational and legal regulations that need to be adhered to.

Here is a detailed process of quality analysis of an elearning course, which we follow in Commlab India and may be of help to you.

Template checklist

  • Check that the objectives are aligned with the assessments.
  • Check the course Menu/Outline with Screen Index Numbers (ex…Range)
  • Check the Unit/Module Title, Number in each Template, screen title, number and type
  • Each Slide title in the template should match with course outline. Also check, if all the elements of course description, are provided
  • Make sure that the slide number for welcome slide is zero.

Help/navigation check

  • Include all the features of the Interface.
  • Include the Help page content in Storyboard.

Content check

  • Check the punctuation, including spell check
  • Check if all the learning objectives are mentioned in DCO
  • Provide Content for Images, Tables and Charts in NTD area of respective slides
  • Instructions for all Interactivities (like Click on Tabs, Click on terms, Click on hot spots, Match the following with Headers, Click on Links, Single/Multiple select , Drag and Drop, Drop Down)
  • Animation Description – Audio Synch Instructions for OST/Images in Visualization
  • Provide Restriction/Alert Messages for Interactivities and assessments
  • Audio Instructions for pronunciation in Audio script
  • Place Client inputs (PDFs, Links..) names in Screen templates
  • Extra Spaces should be removed
  • Check if the images added are relevant to the content

Learn ability check

  • Flow of Content with client inputs

Final quiz

  • If summary of response feature is used, only single and multiple select strategy should be used for questions
  • Include Instructions for each type of Question patterns used.
  • Alert pop up messages
  • Result page content including pass/fail text
  • Mention the number of Attempts for each Question in NTD section
  • Review and Retry Quiz features
  • Completion/Pass score in Result Page
  • Summary of Responses to be included at the end of final quiz.


  • Include the list of Resources/ Glossary terms (if any) at end of SB templates as per Client inputs

Audio script

  • Include the content of the Audio Narration, with instructions to narrator, for pronunciations of key words.

Print script

  • Include the content of the audio narration, excluding instructions / interactivities and Questions.

When an elearning course is thoroughly checked for quality, by making note of the above checklist standards, the output can be absolutely error free. Moreover, quality check not only ensures that the course is perfectly right, but also the analyzed results may improve the future testing iterations. After all, quality check is the basis for drawing conclusions!

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