4 Qualities of a Successful SAM Leader in ELearning

4 Qualities of a Successful SAM Leader in ELearning

Imagine a situation in which a project leader of an eLearning company is tasked with managing a new project from a client and has decided to follow a SAM process for the course development.

The project leader many have many questions in his mind, such as the ones listed below.

  • Why is everything leading to rework despite having a good team of eLearning designers?
  • Why all the project decisions are turning controversial and difficult, even though the project team has overworked?
  • How to face a surprise objection which may have a huge impact on the project estimates, in the advanced stage of the project?
  • How to avoid cost and time overruns, without compromising on the quality?

Underestimating the above tasks will lead to unsatisfied expectations, uncreative designs, and unappealing courses This result in the confidence of the project leader taking a beating.

In order to overcome the above problems, a project leader should have the following qualities:

1. Prospects must be set and maintained appropriately 

All project sponsors will have only one fundamental question in their mind – when will the project be delivered to them. In order to deliver a high quality eLearning course within the estimated time and budget, you have to plan very carefully. You need to consider various alternatives to ensure timely delivery of the course.

2. Project and design variables must be adjusted dynamically

In order to dynamically manage project and design variables, as a project manager, you need to::

  • Use minimum personnel while developing the prototype. Once the prototype is approved by the client, you can then use maximum personnel to accomplish the task.
  • Communicate your ideas to the client. For example, if you think that an activity is unconnected to the scope of the project, you can then suggest the client to have that particular activity as a separate module.
  • Reconsider design options that were rejected earlier.

3. Should focus on the behavioral change

Different people are involved in the development of an eLearning course such as instructional designers, visual designers, developers and project managers. It is the responsibility of the project leader to check whether each constructed work of the team members meets the customer requirements. Also, a leader should be able to make sure that the design, budget, and schedule choices change as per the changing learner needs.

4. Be a campaigner for learners

As a SAM leader, you have to make sure that all plans, schedules, designs, drafts, etc. meet the needs of the target audience. A leader should merely act as a campaigner for learners throughout the development of the project.

Source: Leaving ADDIE for SAM “by Michael Allen with Richard Sites

So, if you are planning to follow a SAM process for your eLearning development project, you should have all the above mentioned qualities. Have anything to share? Please do share your views on the same.

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