Qualities an Exceptional Instructional Designer Should Have!

Qualities an Exceptional Instructional Designer Should Have!

Qualities an Exceptional Instructional Designer Should Have!

Every professional requires a certain set of skills and qualities to be successful in their respective field. But have you ever thought what qualities an Instructional designer should possess in order to be successful in his/her field?

Here are a few qualities that I would like to discuss. They are as follows:

1) Ability to Collaborate with SMEs: Instructional designers frequently gather information from the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and it is crucial to work in collaboration with them. It is often seen that SMEs and Instructional designers differ in their opinions because SMEs know the subject and the IDs know how to present it in order to help the learners learn better. It is very essential for an ID to build a rapport and work effectively with SMEs. An ID should listen attentively to the SME and comprehend the knowledge gathered from an SME.

2) Passion towards learning: Instructional designers should have a strong passion towards learning. The content which they have to comprehend and design may belong to different subjects depending on the industry. Hence, an Instructional designer tends to learn and research everything about the content no matter what the subject is in order to make the learning comprehensible to the learners.

3) Good writing: Instructional designers should have good writing skills. They should be able to convert the complex content to easy and understandable form. Depending on the type of project being developed, the Instructional designer may have to construct the appropriate learning objectives, well-structured sentences and scripts that reflect the ideas effectively.

4) Ability to understand how people learn: Efficient Instructional designers must go beyond just developing an eLearning course. They should know who their learners are, how they would learn and what they expect out of the course and then decide on ideas to help them learn better.

5) Creative thinking in presenting the content: One of the crucial characteristics of an Instructional designer is to be creative in presenting the content. They should think of various interactivities and scenarios to be incorporated into the course to make the course engaging to the learners.

These are some of the qualities of an efficient Instructional designer. Missed any? Please do share!

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