Checklist for QA Process at the Storyboard stage

Checklist for QA Process at the Storyboard stage

Checklist for QA Process at the Storyboard stage

Quality Assessment is an integral part of any e-learning development program. It is done at several stages as has been written in our blog Instructional Design Review for Quality eLearning. Having Quality Review at every stage of eLearning development ensures that quality work is delivered in minimal time. In this blog, let’s take a look at a quick checklist for Quality Review at the storyboard stage. We need to check the following elements in the storyboard to ensure it meets the quality standards.

Template: In the storyboard template, you need to check the following things:

  • Has the course title been mentioned with the correct case (title case)?
  • Is there a course menu with screen index and unit numbers?
  • Does each page have a screen title that matches with the course menu?
  • Does the page have the required screen types?
  • Are the launch page details such as course description given along with the duration, system requirements and instructions for launching the course?

Help/ Navigation page: You need to make sure that this page has all the features of the interface in order to proceed with the course. As a part of the QA process, you should also check how easy the page is for navigation from the end-user’s point of view.

Content check: The content of the course needs to be checked on the following parameters:

  • Check for the spacing issues in between two words along with punctuations, spellings and grammar.
  • Are there proper instructions for interactivities and page restrictions?
  • Content in Images and Charts to be rewritten in NTD area of the respective slides
  • Does it have all the images that are to be included?
  • Does it cover all the learning objectives?
  • Are there proper visualization instructions for the animations?
  • Is the audio synching in order with respect to the on-screen presentation?
  • Are the correct and incorrect feedbacks for the formative and summative assessments along with the correct answers highlighted in bold for key?
  • Has the audio script for corresponding ‘On screen content’ given?

Audio script: Ensure that the content of the Audio Narration is given along with clear instructions to the narrator. She/ he should be provided with clear guidelines with respect to the pronunciation of key words.

Glossary/ Resources: You need to make sure that there is a list of Glossary terms and reference links (if any) at end of the SB templates as per Client inputs.

Final Quiz: The following needs to be verified with respect to the Final Quiz.

  • Has the welcome page content been given? This should contain details of number of questions, instructions for each type of question patterns be it single, multiple select, match the following and so on.
  • Are the correct answers been highlighted in bold so that the key is easily identifiable.
  • Has the result page content for pass/ fail been given?
  • Is there a Completion/ Pass score in Result Page?

This checklist is by no means comprehensive and shall vary depending on the assignment and the organization. Should you have other points that you would like to share with us, please let us know.

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