Using Puzzle Games in E-learning Assessments

Using Puzzle Games in E-learning Assessments

Using Puzzle Games in E-learning Assessments

E-GNALERIN is a very effective option when compared to classroom training. You must be wondering what this word “E-GNALERIN” is. It’s the jumbled word of E-LEARNING!

Training is not complete if the learner is not evaluated. Therefore, assessments play a vital role. As you may know, we usually design assessments in true/false, match the following, multiple choices, and fill in the blank formats. But there are other more creative ways of designing assessments. We recently did one such exercise for a client and created an assessment in an interesting crossword format.

Crossword is a game of filling answers in an order, based on given questions. The answer must be filled according to the game’s rules- across or down of a row or column, as shown in the below screenshot. This game makes the learner think and answer.

Here is a crossword we have used to assess learners on the benefits of a learning management system (LMS).


We also included other options like ‘revert,’ ‘check,’ ‘reveal letter,’ and ‘reveal solution’ to make it easy for the learner.

If the learner wants to reset the crossword, he can click ‘revert’ button to delete all the filled answers. If the learner wants to check whether his answer is right or wrong, he can click the button ‘check.’ It checks the answer and shows a cross mark if the answer is wrong.

Also, if the learner doesn’t know the answer, he can click the ‘reveal letter’ button to get a hint. With this, the first letter of the word will be revealed. If he is still not able to make out the answer, he can click the ‘reveal option’ button to see the full answer.

Crosswords can be designed using popular authoring tools like Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, and Lectora Inspire.

Adobe Captivate – Here is a screenshot of a “word puzzle” created using the in-built features of Captivate. The learner should click and highlight the answer.


In Articulate Storyline, “crossword assessments” can be designed using variables and triggers.


Here, the given letters should be dragged and dropped in the spaces provided based on the question and the learner should click the ‘Submit’ button. After filling all the boxes, feedback is provided revealing the correct answer.

In Lectora Inspire, crosswords can be created as shown below.


Here, a question is provided with blank boxes and letters are given under the boxes. The learner should select the right letters for the answer. A letter is filled automatically when the learner clicks on it.

To try a sample, click here. Hope you find this post interesting. Do share your views.

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