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Prototypes in E-learning – An Infographic

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Prototypes in E-learning - An Infographic

Every stakeholder expects a good quality product that meets the customer needs.

If an eLearning course doesn’t reach the expectations of the stakeholder, instructional designers should modify the course. This results in wastage of precious time. To avoid this, we need to develop a prototype. A prototype goes a long way in ensuring the development of a high quality product. Before starting the development of an eLearning course, prepare a prototype and send it to the stakeholders for their approval. By this, we can make a quality product within the given budget and time.

Here is an info-graphic which shares some important aspects to be considered, while developing the prototype of an eLearning course.

Prototypes in E-learning - An Infographic

Hope this info-graphic helps you. Do share your views.

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