What Initiatives Should Organizations Take to Promote E-learning Among Employees?

What Initiatives Should Organizations Take to Promote E-learning Among Employees?

What Initiatives Should Organizations Take to Promote E-learning Among Employees?

Most organizations today intend to incorporate eLearning as one of their training methods. Training is a process to improve the skills, knowledge, and capability of employees which in turn helps in organizational development and success. It is beneficial to both the organization and the employee.

An employee will become more efficient and productive when his knowledge and skills are constantly updated as per the needs of the organization and domain.

Implementing eLearning in your organization is just the beginning but what is more important is to ensure its adoption and usage by the employees. Making eLearning available to your employees is not just enough make sure to create a true eLearning environment. For this, you need to promote eLearning in such a manner that it answers individual questions like “what’s in it for me?”

Following a few simple principles can help your organization to increase eLearning usage. Here are some ideas.

  1. Get managers involvedBefore you recommend eLearning to your employees, first ensure that the managers understand the benefits of eLearning so that that they are able to recommend this to their team members. Endorsement from the line manager greatly influences employee’s commitment to eLearning.
  2. Talk to your employees Conduct a small survey to understand which topics are the most important to your employees and at what time and day they prefer to learn. The last thing you want to do is to administer courses that have little relevance to you employees.
  3. Be specific in promotingMake sure you talk to each department in the organization about the specific offerings you will give through eLearning. When marketing eLearning promote about the about specific offerings. A global circular addressing all employees in the organization in general may not have the desired impact.
  4. Consider organizational culture – It is important to think about the culture of your organization and consider the type of approach that will impact the learners. For example, a sales person may react well to games and quizzes but this approach may not suit IT professionals.
  5. Give learners enough time and space Proper time and space must be arranged for the employees to take online courses. Also, it is imperative that employees are NOT expected to complete eLearning courses during their personal time.
  6. Acknowledge the learners – Make sure to give certification to the learners in order for them to be promoted. If they are motivated to progress in the company, they’ll also be motivated to do eLearning.

There are many ways to promote eLearning in your organization. What is important is to implement a strategy that is right for your organization to ensure that eLearning awareness is built among your target group.

Have you initiated eLearning in your organization? How did you go about promoting eLearning among your employees? Do share your experiences.

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