6 Things a Project Manager Should Be Doing Daily

6 Things a Project Manager Should Be Doing Daily

6 Things a Project Manager Should Be Doing Daily

Project-plan, scope, budget, charter, expectations, requirements, risks, procurement and so on.

Are you wondering what these words are? Well, these are the common words that find place in a project manager’s dictionary.

Right from managing customer expectations to motivating the internal team to deliver, a project manager needs to wear multiple hats. No matter how busy a project manager is, here are the 6 things he needs to do daily.

1Check TO DO list:

The best way to start your day is having a look at the TO DO list. Know what you need to deliver, and check for priorities i.e. the order in which the tasks need to be performed. When you are clear about this, you can work accordingly, and things go the way they should.

2. Acknowledge your customers’ emails:

When you receive an email from your customer, try to acknowledge its receipt as quickly as possible. By doing this, your customer feels assured that you are attending to his project well. It is advisable to acknowledge the mail within an hour after its receipt.

3. Know the pulse of your customer:

It is said that there can be an organization without employees but there cannot be an organization without customers. Always make an effort to think about your customer by stepping into his shoes. When you know that he is happy, you know the reason(s) for his satisfaction, and share this information to the team. This goes a long way in motivating them, and as a result you can continue to offer the best service.

When you know that your customer is not really happy, try to understand the reasons behind his displeasure and try to find out if things can be done differently. If you cannot resolve the problem, escalate it and involve the top level management, and as the minds of highly experienced people start working the chances are more that you find a solution. By doing this, you ensure that your customer is with you.

4. Keep commitments:

Make commitments only if you are sure that you can deliver them. Once you agree to do something for the customer, keep up your word. Your credibility as a project manager increases, when you fulfill your commitments.

5. Stay calm under pressure:

 A project manager can find himself in the hot seat all the time. It’s important that you hold your nerves tight as your team looks to you for ideas. There are chances that the whole team can be demotivated if you appear nervous.

6Motivate your team:

A Project Manager is nothing without his team. Do not forget that you cannot close even a single project without them. Therefore, your team is your biggest asset. Appreciate your team, and pat their back when they work hard and get results. If things go wrong, be with them and motivate them to do better.

 Do you follow these 6 things, which I mentioned, daily? Do share your thoughts.

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