Tips for Developing Online Product Training

Tips for Developing Online Product Training

Product training is one of the key areas where sales personnel are trained and eLearning can be an excellent medium for the purpose. Knowing the product, and being able to describe its benefits & value to customers, is a critical capability for any sales force The sales team needs to have a thorough knowledge about products so that they can guide and influence the buying decision of their prospective clients.

The end goal of sales is to drive revenues. A well-designed product training program can certainly help the sales force bring products to life and guide the sales person to provide relevant solutions to customers’ needs, rather than merely demonstrate what the products do.

Customers these days are well-informed and come with prior knowledge about product features not just about your products, but also those of your competitors. Therefore, the product training course should be designed in such a manner that it provides guidance to your sales personnel to be solution providers for your customers.

While developing product sales training for sales people, you need to keep the following in mind for maximum ROI.

  • 1. Sales people travel a lot and may need information just-in-time.
  • 2. Information is best given through bite-sized modules that it is easy to access and assimilate. Designing the course in the form of Re-usable Learning Objects (RLOs) would be a good idea.
  • 3. Course content should be in multiple-delivery format so that sales people can access the course through their smart phones, iPhones, iPads or tablet PCs.
  • 4. Finally, sales people are not product developers but product sellers.Therefore, the product information should be just adequate for them to sell the product. The benefits that the product brings to the customers should be the focus point, along with the main product features and specifications.

Sales persons are action-oriented and hands-on people. An eLearning medium could be best for delivering product training, as it can cater to the unique requirements of sales people, particularly in the context of product training.

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