Product Training – Blend Classroom with eLearning for Increased ROI

Product Training – Blend Classroom with eLearning for Increased ROI

Training helps organizations enhance the knowledge, skills and capabilities of employees. You know that you have achieved your ROI when a well-trained workforce increases the productivity of an organization. Perhaps you have been organizing instructor-led product training programs for your employees – sales and service personnel, in particular.

Though traditional training programs are effective, there are two problems associated with them. Firstly, organizing classroom training programs involves the logistics of travel, accommodation and scheduling. It is not only an expensive proposition but also involves a lot of effort and time. Secondly, will a one or two day training program be adequate in delivering all the necessary product knowledge? Would your employees retain the knowledge and recall it at the time of need? To what extent will it increase an organization’s productivity?

Limitations of Classroom Training

You may argue that your business and products demand classroom or onsite training. Agreed, sometimes an onsite, practical demonstration of products is an absolute necessity. However, can it be effective as a standalone training methodology? Organizations today have an ever-expanding workforce and instructor-led training programs may not effectively meet all their training requirements. No one can gain expertise in servicing a machine overnight or, for that matter, in a few days. It needs practice, guidance and support and, with time, technicians can become experts. But who will provide this constant guidance and support to them once they get back to their units?

Blending Classroom Training with eLearning

This is where a comprehensive training strategy can be of great help to them. eLearning modules give learners background information and introduce new products to them. 3D animations and product demonstration videos can set the stage for classroom training.

Classroom training can be leveraged for clarifying product queries, in-depth understanding of key features with subject matter experts. This can be effectively supplemented with post-training reinforcement programs where sales and service personnel can be provided with course reference material, job-aids and FAQs which address typical client queries. Additionally, would it not be wonderful if a concise version of classroom training programs were available online to trainees for reference, at the time of need?

Consider developing a product training strategy that effectively blends classroom training and eLearning. Supplementing classroom training with e-learning in the form of online product training can be an excellent form of reinforcement training for your technicians or sales people. This, in turn, will increase your training ROI.