Making Product Trainings Beneficial for Sales People

Making Product Trainings Beneficial for Sales People

Sales people need product knowledge primarily to sell the products. Product knowledge helps them gain useful insights about product features and benefits, which they can share with prospects and help them make a decision in their favor. How can you make product trainings more relevant and helpful for sales people, when designing product training modules for online training? Whatever be the means of deploying training, there are certain factors to be kept in mind, if product trainings for salespeople are to meet the intended objective.

Keep the needs of sales people in mind: While product information is essential, detailed knowledge of the product may not be required for a sales person. What is more relevant for the sales person, is the value that the product offers to prospects. Training content therefore, should be designed keeping in mind the perspective of sales people and their practical requirements.

Include competitor product information: Training for sales people about the products they sell is essential, but training them about competitor products is also needed. Prospective customers always compare products, before they choose the best and viable option. Hence, sales people need to have information about their product features – its strengths and weaknesses, price comparison vis-à-vis competitor products.

FAQ list: Customers ask innumerable questions to the sales people, before they take a decision about purchase. Creating a FAQ list, which is easily accessible to the sales people, in the time of need, would help them reduce their response time and provide instant information to their customers.

Scenarios, quizzes and role plays: Including scenarios or role plays pre-empt likely situations that sales people face on the field. They are thus, better prepared to face the customers and handle tricky situations. Role plays can also demonstrate the relevance and importance of product knowledge too, which would encourage sales people to take the training seriously. Quizzes help to revisit key product features and test product knowledge.

Sales people are representatives of organizations. If they are equipped with right information, when they need most, they provide better service to the customers and thereby, portray a positive image of the organization. Thus, critical information pertaining to the products, sales-kits, sales-aids need to be made available to sales people, in the manner that is easily assimilated and retrievable.