Product Training for Sales Team

Product Training for Sales Team

Product Training for Sales Team

The Sales Department of any organization plays an integral role in generating business. It is important for each member of the sales team to have comprehensive knowledge of the product he or she sells. To do this effectively, they must receive product training because then they become the voice of the Company when they take the product to the customers. Therefore, training ensures the right information for them on the products and services offered by the Company.

Whenever a product is launched in a Company, appropriate training must be provided for sales staff to deliver good service to customers. If the training is compromised, there will be lack of uniformity on product knowledge among these professionals. The knowledge these members share must be done equally when they reach out to customers with a new product.

Let us see some points necessary for the Sales team during product training:

Product Handling: Distribute the product to be launched among the sales team on a trial basis and let them handle the product to know its functioning and advantages. This provides them with the maximum amount of knowledge required for selling the same. In fact, they can do much better if they have hands-on experience of the product.

Product Knowledge: After handling the product, the actual training should be started as the team members will have prior knowledge of the product. Additionally, formal training will provide them with the technical information such as:

  • Price range
  • Availability of colors
  • Capacity in terms of power
  • Build (material etc.)
  • Number of models
  • Uses
  • Limitations
  • Servicing and warranty terms

Measure the Training Performance: When the sales team sets off to the customer with the launched product for selling, acquire from each member his or her sales experience and the challenges faced while interacting with the customer. There has to be a proper evaluation of growth in the sales graph. Also, gather ideas and suggestions from them that can be implemented in the next training.

Inputs from the Sales Team for Improvement: Any important ideas and suggestions by the sales team must be implemented in the training. This builds motivation amongst them to perform well which then yields better output. Focus on the challenges faced by them during customer interactions and familiarize yourself with what customers think of the launched product.

The product training program makes the sales team efficient in understanding the product better. No matter how strong the sales team is, they need to constantly upgrade their product information and selling skills.

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  • Shawn Mirsky

    Thanks for this. It seems obvious when you read it but so often the basics are overlooked when presenting new products. Presenters assume the audience understands, while the audience often is afraid to ask basic questions for fear of being embarrased, or thought of as under qualified.