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Product Training for Multiple Audiences through RLOs or Reusable Learning Modules

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Assuming you need to develop an online product training program; can you present the same content to your sales people, service personnel as well as to your customers?

Each of the above audience types uses products for different purposes. For example, sales people need information to sell their products, service people need to learn how to maintain and repair products while customers need to know how to use the products. Therefore, you need to customize your product training based on your audience types.

How then would you create an eLearning solution that caters to the requirement of multiple audiences? One might ask – do you need to create three different eLearning courses? Not only would it be time consuming, but also expensive and unnecessary. What is important is developing a learning strategy that takes into account the different audience types.

To make your product training effective, you need to design independent learning modules that cater to individual learning requirements. These learning modules can be packaged together as per their relevance to the target audience. Some call these modules RLOs or reusable learning objects. These work on the same lines as Lego blocks, which can be broken apart and put back again to create new items.

Have you adopted a similar mechanism for your product training requirements? What do you think about this strategy? Do share your thoughts.


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