Meeting the Changing Product Training Requirements – How?

Meeting the Changing Product Training Requirements – How?

Product training in today’s scenario is getting tougher for most of the organizations. Whatever be the industry i.e. technology, insurance, Fast Moving Consumer Goods etc. there are regular series of new launches. Keeping the content up to date and delivering it to sales staff for training them in short time is the prime requisite. Delivering the product updates regularly to the sales staff is also very important these days. More over product training is no more limited to just training the staff, and regarding the product features and specifications. Now it has evolved into product sales training. This means giving product training to the sales staff, inform the customer’s perspective i.e. aligning it with sales.

Let us see how to meet these changing product training requirements.

  • Webinars and Virtual Classrooms
    Continuous training is very important for sales people. They should be aware of all the latest product updates and knowledge. Training through webinars and virtual class rooms is not only a time and cost saving methodology but an effective approach for product training.
  • Videos
    Videos are very handy while explaining certain features of the products. Such as giving an example of a successful sales person who used that feature in persuading the customer to buy that product. It sounds like sales training but it is effective in product training methodology to explain features and benefits of a product. Videos enable them to retain the information better.
  • Mobile Learning
    Mobile learning can be accessed anywhere, at any time. This is an excellent approach to train sales staff utilizing their travel time. Sales people often spend most of their time in travelling. Mobile device comes as an aid to update the latest product features to sales people in this way. Just in time learning bits via the mobile proves very effective for the sales people.
  • eLearning
    When a new product is launched, product training used to be delivered via meetings or web based presentations, but those days are gone now. Nowadays most of the companies, whatever be the industry they are related to, launch many new products or upgrade their existing product and introduce them into market in a short span. So for training sales staff regularly becomes a necessary and tedious process. ELearning helps in providing an effective way to train the sales staff in a short span of time and in an economical way.

Technology based learning is vital in today’s scenario to impart product training to the sales staff. As the companies release many new products with in short intervals of time, training the sales staff accordingly is a major hurdle for the globally operating companies. E-learning through various methods meets these changing requirements of product training.

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