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Product Training Options in a Dynamic Business Environment

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George is a salesman, working for a hi-tech instruments company, which manufactures a range of precision instruments, beneficial to industries such as semiconductor, pharma, life sciences, nanotechnology and so on. On joining his present company, he received one-week comprehensive classroom training, on all the products in the product-line. The training was helpful in getting an overview of the company’s products and solutions. However, it was not possible for George to retain all the information, which was shared with him during the face-to-face training program.

At the end of the product training session, he received a bunch of manuals for reference, to be used when needed. The problem was, it was not practical for him to carry them around with him, all the time. Two months down the lane, the company launched newer variations of the products and George is still awaiting the updated material, from his head office. Meanwhile, he is relying on internal communications and resources, to figure out the key product updates. There is no single source from where he could access information quickly, when needed.

In the absence of such a resource, do you think George will be able to sell the new products effectively, without receiving training on the updated versions? Does he have to wait until the next classroom training program has been arranged? Have you been in a similar situation such as George? What do you think is a viable alternative? Do share the same.


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