Product Training for VoiceArtisan – Testimonial from Global Training Manager

Product Training for VoiceArtisan – Testimonial from Global Training Manager

Vocollect highly appreciates professional and individualized approach of CommLab India.

Global Training Manager for Vocollect had this to say, “This was our first official project with CommLab India. Also, I initiated significant changes to the project by bringing CommLab India into the project mid stream. I’d like to personally thank everyone for their dedication to the project, we did not miss a beat with the changes. I’d also like to thank everyone for their flexibility here. We accelerated the development and were not able to adhere to every aspect of our process for course development. Nevertheless, I am pleased with the course and early feedback is very good.

The official release of VoiceArtisan will not be until November, but it is critical to Vocollect’s strategy that we build and release this training course to our business partners well in advance. We have done this and, the product teams, product management and business development groups are very pleased with our ability to release an online course (or any course for that matter) ahead of product release. This is a first for Vocollect.

Thank you for your dedication and flexibility. I am excited about the new trails we have blazed here and I look forward to more collaboration in the future!”

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