What Separates a Successful Product Sales Training Program From the Rest

What Separates a Successful Product Sales Training Program From the Rest

Companies spend billions to train their sales people on their products. But, why are product sales training initiatives of only some companies highly successful, while others do not yield the desired results? How can you build a good product sales training program? Let us see.

Focus on the product’s benefits and not its features

People are seldom interested in how a product works and are more interested in knowing how it benefits them. An effective program harps on how the product can meet the requirements of the customer rather than dole out a list of its features. A good product sales training program explains how the product is used differently by different groups of buyers to meet their needs. For example, an architect may use a PC to work on computer-aided design (CAD) software, while his ten year old daughter may use it to play games.

See that the program is short and does not bombard the learner

It is well-said that short is sweet. Your salespeople can be overwhelmed if large amounts of information are delivered to them. A report by Sales Performance International revealed that product sales training programs that run for days produce little results. This is because half of the learning evaporates within 5 weeks after the completion of the program. It is advisable to train salespeople through “inforsels”, which can be accessed on their mobile devices. More about the use of technology in a moment.

Make the best use of technology

Many product sales managers have realized the training potential of information technology. They are using online learning materials to educate their staff and potential customers about their products. Consider the following scenario.

A manufacturer of consumer electronic appliances developed a micro-learning video which highlights the unique features of its new washing machine. This video is uploaded on YouTube. Customers, who search the Internet to know about the latest washing machines, watch the video in large numbers and buy the product.

Ensure that product sales training is not a onetime exercise but a part of a continuous learning process

Successful companies understand that product sales training is not a onetime event; they build a solid learning culture for their sales reps. Continuous learning enables firms provide their sales people with the knowledge needed to tackle the problems posed by a highly dynamic business world. Companies with a strong learning culture are 92% more likely to devise novel products and processes.

An effective product sales training program lays emphasis on the benefits of the product rather than its features. It delivers information in small chunks and makes the best use of technology. Product sales training programs are an integral part of the organizational culture of high-performing companies. Hope you find this post interesting. Do share your views.

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