4 New Year Resolutions for The Product Sales Manager

4 New Year Resolutions for The Product Sales Manager

4 New Year Resolutions for The Product Sales Manager

Jim is the product sales manager of a consumer electronics company. He has come up with a few resolutions to make his personal and professional life better in the new year. Let us now see what he intends to do in 2016 to perform his job more effectively, in his own words.

1. I will ensure proper communication and greater transparency 

One of the biggest problems I faced last year was ensuring proper communication with my learners. I realized that developing good content and drawing schedules is not enough; their importance needs to be conveyed to the learners. Many a time, my people frowned when I told them to attend product training programs. I will see that this problem is overcome by communicating the significance of the training programs effectively. I will also make sure that the training process is more “open” by ensuring that the training plan is accessible to all stakeholders.

2. I will not let day-to-day pressures impact product training

Last year, I often received complaints from my learners that their busy work schedules made it hard for them to focus effectively on product training programs. I understand their problem and intend to move a majority of my training programs online. This will help my people access the programs anytime, anywhere, without affecting their work. Furthermore, e-learning will help me make the best use of my limited budget and deliver training of high quality.

3. I will make sure that various stakeholders are on the same page

I know very well that the buyer has to be the ultimate consideration while developing my product training programs. Various teams such as marketing, sales, and customer support bring in their thoughts about providing the best value to the customer and want these to be reflected in the product training. I need to “reconcile” the views of all these teams. This can be done by providing the big picture of our ultimate goal – increase sales revenues, and how each team’s viewpoints can be useful in reaching the goal.

4. I will make the best use of the mobile device to educate customers about my product

Mobile devices are used extensively to access the Internet. I recently read IDC’s smart connected device market forecast, it estimates that by 2017, 87% of Internet connected devices sold will be smartphones and tablets. I intend to make the most of the mobile device to deliver effective customer education. There are many ways to stay in touch with the customer through the mobile – sending updates on latest products, sharing videos to demonstrate their working and so on.

I am sure that these things will go a long way in enhancing my job efficiency and help me deliver good product training to my people and customers. Hope you find this blog interesting. Do share your views.

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