Equipping Your Sales Staff with New Product Knowledge Effectively

Equipping Your Sales Staff with New Product Knowledge Effectively

Equipping Your Sales Staff with New Product Knowledge Effectively

Can you list the number of products launched by Lenovo, Samsung and LG in the last 5 years? Well, hard to remember, right? To stay competitive in today’s dynamic market, it’s necessary for firms to launch new products in short time that cater to the rapidly changing customer requirements. At the same time, it is important to synchronize the training of your sales reps with new product launches. Here, I am going to share a few tips to equip your sales staff with the knowledge of the new product.

1. Initiate a formal product training program for your sales staff

According to a survey conducted by Corporate Visions, only 38% of sales reps receive formal training on new products. Reps are often left to “fend for themselves”, going through PowerPoint presentations, product manuals, data charts and so on. The survey reveals that the lack of proper formal training can lead to poor assimilation and reinforcement of knowledge. This results in the inability of the sales people to sell effectively.

Time and money are two major factors that prevent many companies from holding formal product training sessions for their sales staff. Firms think it is hard to “sync” product training programs with product launches. Organizations also wrongly believe that imparting product training on a formal basis is very expensive. Today, thanks to developments in technology, product training programs can be imparted online in quick time, at low cost. You can develop a 60 minute e-learning module on your new product in 20 days, in a very cost-effective manner.

2. Unleash the power of videos

Videos are the ideal means to train your sales staff on new products. They can be used to connect with your learners quickly and are very useful to demonstrate the working of products to prospective customers. For instance, you can educate customers on the use of a washing machine using a video.

It is easy to make a good product training video. You can use your Smartphone or tablet to shoot a video – it is as simple as that. You can use videos as standalone learning tools or incorporate them in your online courses.

3. Harness the full potential of the mobile device

Mobile devices have become ubiquitous. Haven’t they? You need to make the best use of the mobile device to provide good knowledge of your products. Short online training modules can be accessed instantly and very effectively on mobiles and go a long way in providing good just-in-time (JIT) support. For instance, you can develop micro-learning modules containing the following information.

  • Position of product in the product portfolio
  • Target customer profiles
  • Features and benefits of products
  • Accessories, bundling and cross selling ideas
  • AMC information
  • Comparison with competing products
  • Tips for selling

Moreover, mobile devices help your sales staff make the best use of their time. These highly portable devices allow learners to access courses anytime, anywhere. They facilitate learning even in “dead time” – in hours generally considered unproductive such as the time spent in travelling. This makes mobile learning ideal for employees who are often hard-pressed for time. Mobile devices are also very useful to share knowledge through social networks.

It is important to initiate formal training programs to equip your sales people with the needed knowledge of new products, in an effective manner. You can deliver good product training to your salespersons using videos. You need to make the best use of the mobile device to provide product training of high efficacy to your sales staff. Hope you find this post useful. Do share your views.

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