7 Quick Tips to Create Effective Product Knowledge Training

7 Quick Tips to Create Effective Product Knowledge Training

7 Quick Tips to Create Effective Product Knowledge Training

Most organizations take the competencies and confidence levels of product sales employees quite seriously as they are the makers or breakers of the bottom-line. To nurture these qualities, they offer reps product training programs, but at times, do too much and get too little as the training programs are all over the place.

There are some awesome tips and suggestions you can follow to create effective product knowledge training that will help make the most of your training dollars!

Tip #1: Using a variety of training delivery methods: There are many methods of training delivery. But it is your responsibility to choose the most appropriate one. An audio-visual method of training delivery creates more impact than the usual pedantic methods. Thus, it is important to vary the pace and style of training to make it more effective. For instance, you can leverage e-learning for its anywhere, anytime learning options. It’s also true that an informal training method helps fill up the numerous gaps, which is not possible with a formal training method.

Tip #2: Using repetition of information: Repeating the same information or recapitulating the previous training sessions allows employees to remember important information. A refresher course is one such example of training repetition. You can have microlearning product training modules that serve as a refresher for your on-the-move product sales representatives.

Tip #3: Using feedback: To reinforce the learning experience of your product sales representatives, the trainer may ask for feedback. It can be either in the form of follow-up reports or brief quizzes on paper or the LMS. Feedback serves a twofold purpose because it enables trainees to recall information and boosts their confidence.

Tip #4: Delivering learning in small doses: To make a product training session more effective, it is important to deliver the training in small doses or in short durations. You can give byte size training a shot where sales representatives are provided information in small bytes at regular intervals. It saves your sales reps from getting “burned out”, if they are to cover much of the topic at once.

Tip #5: Making it interesting: Trainees are interested in attending training sessions if they find them engaging; if it serves the need to accumulate more information on a particular product. To make your product training fun as well as interesting, the various methods include adding interactive elements such as scenarios, gamification for your online learning, and group discussions for your classroom sessions to demonstrate how this product training helps them on the field.

Tip #6: Applying knowledge the right way: It is important for a trainer to assign sales reps tasks related to training. This allows the trainees apply their knowledge in a practical perspective without forgetting it. This motivates them as they feel their learning investment is used the right way. For example, your product sales training course can include an immersive, fail safe environment where your sales rep can try and negotiate a product sale with a customer. 

Tip #7: Using training experts: Experts are the people adept in the basic product knowledge. Therefore, using training experts helps your sales reps understand the nitty gritties of a particular product. Trainees will also be able to resolve their problems with the help of experts. If your instructor isn’t available to deliver the training in person, you can utilize video-based product training to showcase ‘how-to’ videos by industry experts.

Using training experts

When your product sales representatives have better product knowledge, they sell more and sell better! By creating effective product training, it becomes easier increase your bottom line and have a cohesive training system in place – be it e-learning, classroom training, or blended learning. If you are new to product training or planning to implement product training in your organization, why don’t you try our eBook on Introducing Online Product Training in Your Organization?

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