Developing Online Process Training through eLearning – A Case Study

Developing Online Process Training through eLearning – A Case Study

The primary goal of an online process training is to create the most effective course to ensure that learners understand organizational processes and apply them effectively while doing their jobs and ensure functional quality. We would like to share with you a case study of how we, at CommLab India, successfully developed an eLearning course in the HR process training for one of our clients in the HR industry.

Context for the training need:

One of our clients, who offered a broad range of Human Resources services such as payroll processing, tax filing and employee compensation and benefits program, wanted us to develop an online process training program for its employees.

Objective of the eLearning solution:

The objective of the training program was to train the company’s employees to use their existing recruitment system and implement the recruitment process to hire the right candidates cost-effectively.

Client specifications:

The client wanted the course to be highly creative and engaging. It had to cater to two different audiences – Hiring Managers and External Recruiting Business Partners. Learners had to be certified on successfully completing the course. The entire course was to be developed using Flash and learners were to view the course using Flash Player 8.


  • The target audiences were Hiring Managers (primary learners) of the company as well as external Recruiting Business Partners (secondary learners). The course had to be made relevant to both primary as well as secondary learners. Keeping secondary learners engaged during that part of the process which is not directly relevant to them was important.
  • Assessments had to be included without impairing the instructional flow of the course. Explaining the recruitment process in the form of a story was challenging. Establishing a careful balance between the voiceover and text without distracting the learner needed to be achieved.

CommLab’s approach:

  • Storytelling as a design model with two threads running simultaneously – story and instruction. We used avatars in the course to make it interesting.
  • The entire recruitment process was explained using the story format and fictional characters representing key players in the recruitment process. Intermediate instruction and supplementary information were provided using avatars.
  • Actual screen shots of the organization’s recruitment portal were used to explain key stages in the recruitment process.
  • Graphics and animations were used to visually represent the flow of information and recruitment levels and the role of key stakeholders in the process.
  • Text bubbles were supplemented with voice narrations to help learners focus on the subject matter.
  • Assessments during the course were in the form of application-oriented questions based on the storyline so that learners didn’t experience any interruption in the content flow.

CommLab’s approach ensured that the Hiring Managers and the Recruiting Business Partners both understood their individual roles and responsibilities. Information was retained effectively due to the graphic representation of the process and the conversation style that was adopted during storytelling.