When do Organizations Need to Provide Process Training?

When do Organizations Need to Provide Process Training?

Processes are usually systematic and structured actions or steps that are expected to add value to an enterprise by enabling it to achieve its objectives efficiently in a cost-effective manner. The need for process training for employees arises in an organization in one of the following situations:

When new employees join the organization

Every organization has its own unique methods of doing business. New employees will need to be inducted into the system by giving them an overview of the process that needs to be followed. For example, new sales executives may not be aware of the sales process of the organization. By giving them an orientation to the sales process, they will be able to know:

  • Where to get their sales leads
  • How to follow up on them in order to clinch a deal
  • What are the formalities that they need to complete for final closure of the sale

Similarly, in the manufacturing industry, management trainees in the production department will need to have a clear understanding of the production process so that they can understand the various links in the production chain and their specific role in it. This gives them an overall perspective of processes and their specific role in the scheme of things.

When improvements are made to an existing processes or procedures

Sometimes, due to changing marketing situations or business agendas, one needs to make amendments to an existing process or procedure. For example, due to a change in the federal compliance regulations, there would be a need for an additional layer of quality control in the manufacturing process. These changes will have to the communicated to all employees involved in order to ensure that they comprehend the changes and implement the same. Sometimes, employees might simply require reemphasizing the importance of following set systems which can be done through process training.

When organizations adopt Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

It is often noticed that organizations stagnate with no growth despite having developed complicated systems or procedures. In such situations, organizations will have to change their systems completely and reengineer their businesses requiring new processes. Employees will have to undergo thorough training to understand the new business process. Process training will be very crucial in such situations.

Business processes can be simple or complex. But organizations need to develop a process to streamline their operations, improve efficiency and increase productivity. Therefore, it is important for organizations to invest in process training for their employees.