5 Simple Steps to Solve Any Problem!

5 Simple Steps to Solve Any Problem!

5 Simple Steps to Solve Any Problem!

Having a technical problem? Are your customers angry with you? Problems are common in every individual’s life. There are different ways of resolving any problem or issue. Given below are my five tools which spell success.

Understand the Problem Completely

  • Understanding the problem at hand is the most important part of solving any issue.
  • Have the ability to physically see the problem by setting up the same configuration.
  • Ask questions to understand the problem better.
  • Ask the concerned person to approve your efforts.
  • The best way is to trace the activities one by one until you reach the problem.
  • Do not start fixing the issue after understanding only a part of the problem. A complete understanding of the problem is critical to finding the precise solution.

A problem well-stated is a problem half-solved.

John Dewey

Be confident and Motivate Yourself

  • Be confident by telling yourself that “Nothing is Impossible.”
  • If there is a problem, there must be a solution.

Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution.

-Norman Vincent Peale

Find Options

  • Before starting to implement the solution, find several options from previous experience.
  • Search for similar kind of problems in online forums.

Execute Your Options

  • Take a back-up of the original version of the problem and possible solution before trying out any option.
  • Always make sure that it does not have any side-effect. Sometimes, it will solve the present problem but it may also give rise to other new problems.
  • Do not spend much time on those options which are not feasible. Try the same option again from the start, using the original version.
  • If you still do not find a solution, stop and try another option.


  • Test out the problem thoroughly for side-effects.
  • Test it in the same configuration of the problem.

I used these five simple steps to get a breakthrough while working with e-learning software – whether Flash or Authoring tools like Articulate, Lectora or Captivate or any LMS-related issues. I have been quite successful in getting breakthroughs in SCORM and launching courses in various LMS’ and also creating effective learning experiences using Flash.

Please feel free to add your valuable and practical suggestions to this list.

  • Cyril

    I agree with the points mentioned to solve problems. One Proverb comes into my mind ” the mind which created the problem cannot solve the problem unless it thinks differently”.

    Be confident and Motivate Yourself – can be analyse the facts and figure of the problem, discuss the problem with the people who are experirenced and then be confident and stick to the disecion that even failure i would try.

  • Karthik Manoharan

    I would first understand the problem, then analyze whats the problem all about, whats the cause. Once you ovecome this stage, then its time for you to plan. Think of multiple options which can be the best possible solution to the problem. With your desicion making skills, choose the top option and also be ware of the possible outcome.

    The final stage is implementing your solution with confidence and belief.

    According to me “Every lock has a key, Every problem has a solution” “Problems and Solutions are born together, its only the matter of finding or matching them at the right time by the right individual”

  • The best way to solve a problem is to face it squarely. What kills most people is the fear of the problem. the moment you face up with the problem, you already solved half of it. Every problem has a solution. Most problems are complicated by initial first step. Some problems are solved simply by being patient. Look the problem in the eye. Pray and think.