5 Effective Ways to Present Timelines in E-learning Courses

5 Effective Ways to Present Timelines in E-learning Courses

We use interactivities to engage learners and create an enhanced learning environment. Interactivities address kinesthetic learners (who learn better when they act or do something), very effectively.

Timeline is one of the most powerful visual tools in eLearning. They are more effective when we are dealing with the historical events and enable learners to participate more effectively and actively in the eLearning environment.

A timeline is an elegant way of presenting a series of events that have occurred over a period of time. Timelines can be horizontal or vertical.The main purpose of using a timeline is to enable chunking and help learners easily remember and recall events and dates.

The following are the five widely used timelines in eLearning courses.

Vertical Timelines:

A vertical timeline shows a picture of events, as they occurred over a period of time.

Example of a vertical timeline:

Vertical Timelines

Comparative Timelines:

The comparative timeline is used, when you want to show two or more events or concepts as they happened at the same time.

It compares two historical events or concepts. The timeline scale should be consistent and represented horizontally.

Example of comparative timelines:

Comparitive Timeline

Timeline with Images:

You can make your timeline more effective, by adding images to show the stages of a concept. Use this timeline, when images are connected to the content.

For example: Stages of butterfly growth

Timeline with images

Infographic Timelines: 

An infographic combines both information and graphics. Timelines with text and graphics are innovative and effective.

For example: How a village was transformed into a city over the years.

Infographic Timeline

Interactive timelines

Interactive timelines are more interesting. Learners need to click each time period to learn about the event. Don’t restrict the learners to click in a sequence; allow them to use random navigation.

And make sure that the respective text should not disappear onscreen after each click.

Interactive Timelines

I conclude that timelines ensure proper chunking of content and also make digital courses more interactive and effective. Please do share your thoughts!

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