Presenting eLearning Content Effectively – Lessons from Hollywood

Presenting eLearning Content Effectively – Lessons from Hollywood

Presenting eLearning Content Effectively -  Lessons from Hollywood

Most of us like good movies and TV shows. Don’t we? What makes them so captivating? It is the manner in which the content is presented that makes them so alluring.

We in the eLearning industry try to make our courses engaging and effective. We could benefit from the presentation methods of the film industry.

Let me share more on how the eLearning industry could use the presentation techniques of Hollywood.

Theme is the heart of a good presentation

The theme of a movie is the driving force behind a film. It is the message that the screenplay writer is trying to put across and the entire movie is centered on it. Therefore, the presentation of the entire content is guided by the motive to convey the intended message effectively and efficiently.

In the eLearning parlance, the instructional designer (ID) tries to present the content of the online course to achieve the learning objectives. An eLearning course that does not contribute to the realization of instruction goals is meaningless.

The content is properly sequenced

An important aspect of a good movie that contributes to its success is its screenplay. A good writer of screenplay translates the story into a sequence of scenes that is efficient in making the audience engaged and excited.

Similarly, the ID needs to ensure that the workflow of an online course keeps the learner engaged. This goes a long way in making it highly effective.

Efficient use of narration

Most of us who watch “Through the wormhole”, are aware of Morgan Freeman’s style of narration. Why is it so effective? It is effective because it efficiently explains the visuals on the screen.

In eLearning too, narration needs to be used efficiently to supplement the ocular content. Proper use of narration helps enhance the effectiveness of the visual content and adds INSTRUCTIONAL VALUE.

Small is beautiful

During editing of a movie, some of the portions are sliced out with an intention to keep it short. Short films with crisp content often drive home the intended message efficiently.

The learning objectives of an online instruction could be achieved effectively through bite-sized courses. Just as in the case of a movie, we find ourselves overwhelmed when information is presented in huge quantities to us in an e-course. Bite-sized lessons help us learn better by facilitating easy “digestion” of the learning content.

Thus, effective presentation of content is the key to the success of both a Hollywood movie and an online course. I hope you find this article useful. Do share your thoughts.

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