Best Practices For Creating Effective Elearning Course

Best Practices For Creating Effective Elearning Course

Best Practices For Creating Effective Elearning Course

It is common knowledge that it is very important to present the learning content in an effective way to make an online course successful. So, how can you present information efficiently, in your digital course? Well, Gagne’s instructional principles are of great help to instructional designers in developing an eLearning courses that keep learners glued to it. Here are a few of these principles.

1. Gain the Learner’s attention early on :

One of the biggest challenges faced by instructional designers in eLearning is overcoming the lack of learner-instructor interaction. So how can the instructional designers motivate learners to take the course?  One way to address this challenge is to gain the learners’ attention at the beginning of the course. This could be accomplished by asking them questions that provoke their thinking instead of presenting the information directly. Telling a story relating to the content you need to present before your learners is a good idea.

2. Set well-defined objectives:

Learning objectives are the statements that generally accompany the course outline and provide a brief idea of the course and its intended outcomes. Well-structured and effectively presented learning objectives go a long way in creating learner enthusiasm and keep your people motivated throughout the course.

This infographic shows three important steps to create Learning objectives

Steps to Create Learning Objectives

3. Stimulate Recall:

One of the important aspects of effective learning is stimulating the recall of learner’s prior knowledge. So how can you ensure effective recall of learners’ prior knowledge? It is a good idea to ask learners questions about previously acquired knowledge and their experiences, before presenting new information.

For one of our clients, a leading automotive components conglomerate in India, we have developed an eLearning course on Supply Chain Management. In this course, we used a scenario at the beginning where the chief of operations addresses the heads of the stores,materials and  manufacturing departments regarding variance in the periodic physical inventory. Each one of them gives their opinion and ideas on this matter. And then the actual inventory management course begins. By doing this, the operations head was able to invoke the prior knowledge of the heads of the different departments about inventory management.

4. Presenting content:

Effective presentation of content is one of the most important aspects of any successful eLearning course.  How can you present the information to your learners efficiently?  It is always better to present the information in small and manageable chunks instead of dumping tons of information. Organizing the content into categories prevents the cluttering of the screen with information and helps learners comprehend content effectively.

Presenting Content

These are few guidelines that need to be followed in order to deliver an effective eLearning course.  Would you like to add some more to this list? Please do so.