Destination Oz: Is E-Learning as Popular as the Big Bash League

Destination Oz: Is E-Learning as Popular as the Big Bash League

Destination Oz:  Is E-Learning as Popular as the Big Bash League

Which one is your favorite team – Perth Scorchers or Sydney Sixers? Have you ever got the chance to see either of their T20 cricket matches? Yes, I agree Big Bash is widely popular in Australia. It is a cricket contest of 20 overs each, and all the 8 teams lock their horns and finally one of them comes up as the winner.

But what resemblance does it have to e-learning? Why am I drawing a comparison between the popularity of Big Bash League with e-learning? Yes, there is a similarity between the two when I talk about their popularity. The Sydney Morning Herald states that the e-learning market is expected to soar to 5 billion dollars in terms of value by the end of 2015.

What Are the Primary Catalysts Driving the E-learning Market in Australia?

Australia is blessed with a huge deposit of natural resources. There are mining industries, manufacturing, coal, metals, and so on. All these industries work with manpower. There are skilled and unskilled labor forces. Thus, to keep a balance between the demand of knowledge empowerment and skill development of this workforce, there should be a constant supply of training solutions to this work force. In previous instances, employees had to travel or trainers were supposed to fly from one side of Australia to the other. But, situations have changed with the implementation of e-learning solutions. More so, learners (says the miners or drillers) can imbibe a lot of learning before they actually move to the actual site of their work.

Now, there are RTOs (Registered training organizations) who provide primary training to learners and grant them certifications that are accepted by industries throughout Australia. There are almost 5000 RTOs who provide a wide range of training solutions across Australia and e-learning is a big boon to them. It is so much easier to deliver training on an e-learning platform.

Industry accountability is the next big thing in Australia. There is a voluntary code of practice that states the guidelines to be followed to maintain the quality standards, patent issues, and so on. If e-learning can be adopted to deal with this matter, then the learner can be helped to follow standard quality practices.

What Kind of E-Learning Solutions Are in Demand in Australia?

The distant isolated continent is the home for big companies like BHP Billiton, a mining giant. The banking industry is very strong with organizations such as Commonwealth Bank and the Westpac Banking group to name a few. Thus, it has industry in consumer goods and services, healthcare, and so on. Therefore, we can assume that there is a necessity of e-learning solutions on the grounds of:

  • Product training (Automobiles, Pharma, Technology, Financials, and Insurance)
  • Process training (Oil and Gas)
  • Safety training (Mining and Oil and Gas)
  • Compliance training (covers all sector)

Why Is Compliance Training a Big Thing in the Oz?

Incorporating effective compliance training program is increasingly on demand in Australia. Majority of the Australian regulatory legislation emphasize on compliance obligations. Thus, an e-learning course that shares knowledge on the policies and procedures to be followed reduces the risk of organization breach of law. A breach of law is dangerous and penalties up to million dollars can be imposed on the default organization. There are many negative consequences of breach of law, such as negative publicity, high legal costs, and damages.

E-learning: The Savior

With e-learning, you can have an effective compliance program that encompass changes to legislation and teach the learners on safe and legal practices to be followed. Again, with e-learning, you can customize the compliance courses to meet the specifications on any governance and risk.

Again, in organizations, compliance courses are designed based on the personnel perspective. For example, a safety training officer has to follow the ethical safety standards to avoid any danger. Thus, the e-learning compliance training solution of a safety officer will be different from that of sales representatives.

Thus, to summarize, the popularity that e-learning can have in Australia is a similar example of the gold rush in California. The tourism campaign of Australia says “There’s nothing like Australia.” On similar grounds, we can echo the e-learning campaign as “Destination Australia: Your Next E-learning frontier.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post! So, what do you think? Is e-learning as popular as the big bash league in Australia?

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