Organizations Losing their Best Talent – Poor Performance Management

Organizations Losing their Best Talent – Poor Performance Management

Organizations Losing their Best Talent - Poor Performance Management

Recently, I read an article in Forbes that states that one of the reasons why companies lose their top talent is poor annual performance reviews. It sounds not so surprising because many companies do not perform their annual performance reviews effectively. Typically, organizations follow the formal process where an HR would spend a month or more to get the feedback from employees and do the performance reviews just as a formality.

This makes the organizations’ talent pool feel disrespected and dishonored. Sparks a feeling that the company is not bothered about their career or future?

I strongly feel that it is better to keep away from annual performance reviews. Follow a performance management system, which constantly keeps your employees in touch with managers or coaches. Communication between them should be a continual and an ongoing process; it should not be just meeting or discussing once in a year. Review meetings need to happen regularly and the progress, failures or any obstacles that is hindering the employees’ performance needs to be discussed. The Performance Management System should be such that employees’ performance and their interests are monitored on a regular basis.

In order to implement an effective performance management process at your workplace, train your managers along with your employees. This performance management is a collaborative process between the employee and the manager. For example, it is the employees’ responsibility to ensure a review meeting happens and it’s the mangers job to conduct it. Employees and managers need to know their roles and responsibilities in this collaborative process. Training on performance management lets your employees’ goals and objectives align with those of the organization. This can greatly contribute to retain the talent pool.

Such training may not need huge investments. The online learning mode can keep the costs low. Moreover, training via eLearning does not take your employees away from productive work hours; this method is always available and can be used to train large numbers of employees within a short time frame.

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