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5 Tips To Customize Online Training Courses [Infographic]

Addressing learning needs with standardized curriculum e-learning courses is an old approach. It no longer works in the present time. People now seek personalization, whether it is an e-mail, browser, desktop or even e-learning. When an e-learning course provides learners the feel that ‘This is for Me’ then it is truly a personalized learning experience. Personalized learning is developing an e-learning course that is relevant, engaging, and interesting to learners. It is about understanding and addressing their needs, challenges, and interests.

E-learning personalization is not just limited to customizing settings and preferences. It is personalizing the learning content, delivery platform, assessments, feedback, etc., This makes learning learner-centric and addresses the diverse, individual learner needs.

Here is an infographic on 5 tips to personalize online training courses for your learners.

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Personalize Online Training Courses: 5 Tips to Know! [Infograpghic]

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