Ways To Increase Personal Productivity!

Ways To Increase Personal Productivity!

The sum total of a host of factors calculated each day is your Personal Productivity quotient. There are days when your productivity is very high while there are days when productivity graph sinks really low. While there are factors that may be out of your control, there are many others that are within your control. Increasing personal productivity is an achievable task, in fact here are a few pointers that could help you in this area.

Time management: Managing time effectively is the challenge most of us face in our working lives. To achieve this, you need to prioritize your tasks to get important work done on time. List your tasks for the day so that you do not miss out on anything important. Learn the art of timing yourself for all tasks, however inane it may appear. This is the key to keeping track of lost time.

Loads of activities that fall in the unproductive category eat into your productive time. Timing yourself will make you aware of these distractions and help you minimize them. Get monotonous or dreaded tasks out of the way first. This will leave you with enough time for the ones you like doing so that they don’t seem like chores.

Identify the time of the day that suits you best and when you’re at your most productive. After all, you could be a ‘morning’ person as against others who are ‘evening’ people. Use this time zone to do the most important tasks. Take a 50-minute interval which is optimal to refresh you to continue through your task at hand.

Get organized: There is no substitute to being really well organized. It’s one of the best ways to get things done well and on time.

Focus: Try not to take on too many things at once. Focussing on the task at hand is the best way to ensure that it’s done perfectly. Multi-tasking can lead to lesser efficiency and thereby lower productivity.

Stay fit: Physical and mental fitness are important factors in personal as well as professional life. A good and healthy mind in a healthy body will assure maximum personal productivity.  Fitness levels determine the number of days you will have to otherwise stay away from work, which will automatically hamper your productivity.

Mental boosters: Regular doses of mental boosters such as pep talks, inspirational stories, motivational quotes, sharing positive experiences, meditation and music are essential. These keep the mind shipshape and stave off depression and negativity.  Food for the soul is as important as food for the body.

Enjoying work: Enjoying your profession or work is extremely important as it is very difficult to improve productivity in something you hate doing. A negative attitude towards your work will definitely impair productivity and will also affect other areas of life.

Use personal contacts: Your personal network can be used powerfully, not only to improve your personal productivity but also monitor it. This is an excellent source of getting genuine feedback which you can use to improve your personal productivity.

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  • Victoria Baker

    We all need to regularly check ourselves to ensure we are making the most of our productivity. Goes back to the old saying. “Work smarter….not harder.” So many of us are working harder and longer hours because we aren’t maximizing the use of our time. Thank you for the reminder. Smiles, Victoria Baker

  • Mary Barbara Hanna

    I have also read that tapping into our own cycles of energy is helpful, too. Not everyone is a morning person and some people lag in the afternoon. I’m a morning person and rather do the “heavy lifting” in the morning, reserving afternoons for more low-key events like reading, responding to emails, project planning, etc. Great article – thanks!

  • This is a great resource, I think it would benefit any company that uses this for its employees, as well as individuals. I don’t agree with some of the points however.

  • I agree, we all need to decide what is best for us in how we manage our time. The scripture says that there is a time and a place for all things. Sometimes we have a tendency to misplace our time. Although I rise in the early am, my productivity time is mid-morning when I am most alert and can focus with a clear mind.