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Instructional Strategies in eLearning for Performance Management Training

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Instructional Strategies in eLearning for Performance Management Training

According to Forbes, poor performance management is the main reason why employees are losing their best talent pool. In order to drive employee engagement and to enable personnel to grow and develop, every employee needs to be trained on performance management. Thus, effective training on performance management enables employees to maximize their efficiency and this in turn enhances the company’s productivity.

One of our clients approached us with the requirement of training their managers on performance management. They wanted the course to be developed using Flash. The main purpose of this course is to train their managers about their insights on why and how they do performance management in their organization. The course duration should be around 20 minutes.

The following are the steps that we followed while developing the eLearning course.

Introduced a scenario

The role of a manager involves setting objectives, measuring progress, giving feedback and coaching. All these responsibilities of managers and the roles and responsibilities of an employee can be explained using scenarios. We introduced a scenario which helps learners to relate themselves to the course. We introduced a character, which has many questions – what is performance management, why it is important and how to ensure effective performance management.

Introduced a scenario

Introduced “brain teasers” before each topic

We included puzzles and questions before each concept to engage the learners and determine their strengths and weaknesses. This enabled the learners to focus on the task and to be alert during the session. We framed the questions in the form of drag and drop interactivities and multiple select questions that allow learners to think and then answer. In this way, we can give feedback and can say that more information on this topic will be provided in this course.

Introduced “brain teasers” before each topic

Emphasized on the main points using video scribe

As drawings capture the attention of the learners and constant animation on screen keeps them stay active, we used video scribe to explain the key points in the course. Video scribe is software used to create our own style of whiteboard animations. Using this, we were able to engage the learners as we were entertaining and simultaneously educating them. We developed the videos using subtitles and illustrations. As music gives a pleasant feeling to the learners, we have also added music in the background. This helps the learners concentrate more on screen and subtitles.

Click Here to view sample video of how whiteboard animations look like

Presented ‘nice to know’ information in the form of PDF files and hyperlinks

‘Nice to know’ information is something that is not much important to the learners, but may be of interest to them. We presented examples related to performance management and extra information in the form of PDF files and hyperlinks, which act as references to the learners.

Included summary at the end to reinforce learning

At the end, we have recapitulated the training program by listing the main points to sustain learning. We listed all main points in the course by aligning them with the learning objectives. Thus, this aids the learners to get complete essence of the course.

These were a few captivating ways we have used to motivate employees to attend performance management training. Please do share your thoughts on the same.

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