Are Your Managers Trained on Performance Management?

Are Your Managers Trained on Performance Management?

Are Your Managers Trained on Performance Management?

An organization’s success does not just depend on having a right strategy or resources. It relies on its capability of harnessing employee’s performance and keeping it aligned with organization’s goals.

But according to Mercer’s 2013 Global Performance Management Survey, “only 3% of global organizations worldwide are happy with their performance management system and believe that it provides exceptional value”.

Employee performance management has always proved difficult for Organizations, especially the appraisals part of it. They report several challenges with their performance management process.

According to Performance Management Practices Survey, 2012 done by ERC, the challenges were.

Performance Management Practices Survey, 2012

The managers’ skills set – poor performance in providing feedback and maintaining documentation is on the top of the list. The other top challenge being the poor relationship between employees and their managers.

The report of Mercer’s shares that “6 out of 10 managers are just marginally skilled in providing career development coaching and direction to the employees”.

What can be the reason and What is needed?

Because of the constant pressure to achieve performance objectives, Organizations often look at their performance management process as set of forms, processes and ratings, which is not true. Performance Management is the link between organization’s strategy and employee performance outcomes.

Lack of or insufficient training given to manager in setting goals, identifying performance gaps, coaching, evaluating and sharing feedback fails to take hold.

So asking managers to review or give feedback won’t make it effective. Organizations need to train managers on each stage of step of performance management process. Effective training programs are proven to help equip the managers with the required skill set and increase their confidence levels in communicating with their employees.

Although, the implementation of Performance Management system is a shared responsibility of managers and employees, it more depends on Managers.

Managers’ skills are vital to accomplish the desired performance objectives. So it’s time to start thinking about investing in employee skill building. What do you think? Do share your thoughts with us.

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