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E-learning for Highly Effective Performance Management Training – Free Webinar

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E-learning for Highly Effective Performance Management Training - Free Webinar

Effective performance management is the mantra to success in today’s highly competitive business environment. A well-designed performance management process involves various steps such as setting goals, spotting performance gaps, coaching, discussing improvements and rewarding personnel for their contribution.

Every organization needs to equip its managers with knowledge of its performance management process. But, what does it take to impart good performance management training? To find out, check out the webinar Performance Management and Coaching Through E-learning – 5 Instructional Design Strategies. The webinar:

  • Explains the importance of performance management
  • Describes how training managers on performance management can yield better results
  • Lists the challenges in training managers
  • Explains how e-learning can be used to deliver highly effective performance management training
  • Provides comprehensive information on 5 highly effective instructional strategies to train managers on performance management

Access the webinar now!

View webinar on Performance Management & Coaching Through eLearning - 5 Instructional Design Strategies


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