Can You Facilitate Performance Management Through eLearning?

Can You Facilitate Performance Management Through eLearning?

Can You Facilitate Performance Management Through eLearning?

In today’s competitive scenario, having an effective employee performance management system can help in keeping the organization healthy and ahead of competition in the long run.

Appreciating its key role in improving employee effectiveness, every company today, irrespective of its size, already has a performance management system in place. But can you guess how many of them are happy with their performance management systems?

According to an Industry Research Firm CEB, “Only 14% of organizations are actually happy with their performance management system as it stands”.

So what can be done about this? Let us delve deep and understand what can be done.

Performance Management is a continuous process in which managers and employees together set performance goals that are aligned with organizational objectives, monitor and conduct reviews to assess progress and make necessary decisions for further improvements.

Performance management is not just systems or processes; it is all about dealing with people and getting the best out of them. It is a link between organizational strategy and employee performance outcomes.

The whole emphasis is on learning and development that can contribute to improvise individual performances. So a big part of it can be achieved by training the managers and employees on what is expected from them in the whole process. Do not assume that everything is understood and need no explanations or communication. In fact, expectations need more explanation! So an overview with expectations highlighted can help learners to understand the process.

Both the employees and the managers should be given a clear understanding of the role of Performance Management in achieving organizational objectives, aiming at different levels of experience and knowledge. Different aspects of performance, and different tasks and responsibilities should be presented to learners and this is best possible through scenario-based eLearning courses.

Also in the process, managers need to work with different tools and techniques such as performance recognition tool, to come up with essential data to reward employees for their contribution. So a highly intensive and interactive eLearning course that can equip managers with the skills and confidence to work with the tools can contribute to the manager’s competence enhancement.

Therefore, although training alone cannot improve performance, it can play an integral role in setting up the performance management system. Performance Management Training is an important endeavor that can help you to impart knowledge to the employees. And interactive eLearning courses can create interest and ensure active participation allowing learners to upgrade their knowledge and skills at a time that is convenient to them.

Also, eLearning programs have a quick development time and can be launched across the organization within a short duration of time.

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