Outsource to Overcome the Problems in E-learning Implementation

Outsource to Overcome the Problems in E-learning Implementation

With rapid advances in technology, training managers need to keep an eye on the latest eLearning development tools and innovative instructional strategies to deliver rich learning experiences. In this process, training managers face various issues such as problems in developing content, blocking the time of Subject-matter Experts (SMEs), exploring the latest software’s, making sure that the launch dates are met and so on.

In this blog, I would like to share 3 common problems training managers’ face while implementing eLearning in their organization and how outsourcing can help resolve them.

1. Inexperienced and inadequate team

To develop an online course, you need experienced people with different skills. You may have SMEs in your organization, who can guide the team. But does your staff have the required knowledge and skills needed to create an effective eLearning course?

How can an eLearning vendor solve this problem:

A reputed eLearning vendor has a team of competent professionals which includes project managers, instructional designers, visual designers, course ware developers and technology developers. This team works hand in hand to produce the product i.e. the online course.

2. Difficulty in delivering the training to international workforce’s in their native languages

It is important for companies to develop courses in the native languages of their multilingual staff members to deliver effective training. But, the main challenge here is translating the English text into different languages. Does your staff have the skills to translate courses in English into other languages?

How can an eLearning vendor solve this problem: 

An experienced eLearning vendor, who earns his bread and butter performing eLearning course translations, has a team of competent translators who render your course into the desired languages very efficiently in a cost-effective manner.

3. Customizing LMS and maintaining it

To customize a Learning Management System (LMS), you require the services of programmers. Does your staff have needed coding skills to perform the task? Also, in order to maintain the LMS i.e. provide constant support to the users, you need a dedicated team. Do you have one?

How can E-Learning vendor solve this problem:

A reputed eLearning firm has competent programmers and other technical experts on its payroll who customize your LMS and provide high quality support to your users. Thus, you benefit by outsourcing your online training activities to a well-known eLearning vendor. 

In this blog, I have shared 3 common challenges faced by training manager to implement eLearning in their organization. What are the challenges you face in your organization? Do share your experiences.

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