The Future of Organizations Is Gen-Y – Are You Ready to Train It?

The Future of Organizations Is Gen-Y - Are You Ready to Train It?

The Business and Professional Women’s Foundation estimates that by 2025, 75% of the global workforce will be Gen Y.

Gen-Y people, also known as “screenagers” or the millennials, are those who were born between 1976 and 1998. This generation is completely different from the Baby boomers (its predecessor). Gen-Y people have grown up with technology and Internet and are more used to “screen learning” than acquiring knowledge through books. They are passionate about trying new things, have short attention spans and tend to get bored quickly.

So, taking the learning preferences of millennials into consideration, do you think that you are ready to train them? Do you still feel that you can engage them with your existing training courses? Let’s see what you can do to create effective courses for your young employees.

1. Break Courses into Bite-sized Modules:

People belonging to the Gen-Y have short attention spans. If you have a lot of information, you need to divide them into several modules of 15-20 minutes. However, we need to make sure that each module addresses at least one learning objective.

2. Provide Relevant and Timely Feedback:

Most young employees are goal-oriented and seek to know why they are right or wrong. So, provide your Gen-Y workers with comprehensive feedback on their performance. If the learner submits the right answer, tell him why the answer is correct. If he submits a wrong answer, motivate him by giving a second chance or ask him to try again. They should also be allowed to go back to the topic, learn it and come back to give the answer.

3. Deliver Meaningful Training

Gen-Y learners want just-in-time training, which can help solve their immediate problems at work. For example, they would like to access a small module on effective selling skills, just before meeting the customer.

4. Add “Funification” Elements:

It is no exaggeration to say that Gen-Y is synonymous with technology. Millennials have grown up using cutting edge technologies and playing video games. So, by using a variety of elements such as animations, videos, gamified environments and so on, we can capture their interest effectively. Let us now look at how games, videos and animations help make better courses.

  • Games: Millennials are crazy about games as they are very engaging. So, we can create gamified learning environments that encourage them to compete and achieve. However, you need to make sure that the gamified environments are “tied” to the learning objectives of your course.


  • Videos: Videos are the new text. They have a profound impact on the younger generation. Gen-Y learners prefer to learn by watching things “in action”, than through content or complex images.


  • Animations: Gen-Y is fun loving and likes to learn through practical exposure. For example, if the learners need to be trained on a small procedure, it is better to use animations instead of static images.

These were some tips to create compelling courses for the younger generation. A better understanding of its learning preferences can help you reorient courses to make them suitable for millennials. What do you think?

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