Healthy interpersonal relationship across various departments – The key to organizational success!

Healthy interpersonal relationship across various departments – The key to organizational success!

Teamwork and trust towards co-workers lead to the success of any project. Maintaining good relations with people belonging to other departments is not a difficult task, especially if you know the reason for mistrust. Keep in mind a few key points for doing away with internal fear and loathing towards inter-departmental colleagues.

  • While working on projects and campaigns across departments, avoid working with people you are friends with. It is always advisable to work in a group with new people. This exercise will help break the ice between individuals, realize their strengths and weaknesses, as they will be forced to work together as a team.
  • Sharing appreciation as a team will convey the message that team efforts are recognized. This can boost the team morale to work better next time. For example, forward an appreciative mail from the client on a successful presentation of a particular campaign to everyone involved in it.
  • Choose the right means of communication. Informing one member and not another about a project on hand is a complete no-no. Avoid saying, ‘if you had asked me, I would have told you’ as this only serves to dampen the team’s morale. To avoid silly conflicts, bring both parties to the negotiating table and help them to sort out any prickly issues.
  • Companies can also help employees banish fear and petty hatred amongst different departments by running training workshops. If people working in different departments are made to attend common workshops, they will not just get to know each other but also understand each other’s working styles and job responsibilities, thereby enabling better interaction.

Therefore, a healthy interpersonal relationship across various departments is the key to organizational success.

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  • Dr. Syed Suhail

    The best way is to focus on the task at hand and forget about persons and personalities.
    Bias and attitude of departmental superiority have to go out of the window.
    Realize early on that everyone has an individual strength, focus on harvesting it for common good.
    Do not shortchange people in giving credit.
    Smile a lot, have positive body language and radiate an infectious energy.
    There will always be people who crib, point out the futility of effort, shirk from work and generally draw the cloud of pessimism and despair over the task. — Learn to handle them without provocation and confrontation. Involve them in whatever small way possible.
    Above all do not be irritated by the people who get into action, only and only, when they sense the impending arrival of the team leader. And on her/his arrival act as if they are the most industrious – they drag themselves down in everyone’s esteem and ultimately out in due course.
    Lastly, if you trust your capabilities and you know that you are doing the right thing in the right way, there is no need to be apprehensive of interdepartmental animosity or fear anybody or anyone.

  • Hi Asma;

    You have covered one aspect of the organizational success which I see is effective as far as the execution part is concerned. I appreciate your article and agree to the points.

    Nevertheless, some of the people I had a chance to work used different techniques to foster the organizational effectiveness. For instance, one of my senior insisted on NOT taking taking care of people when it comes to meeting Goals/Objectives. I see that worked but was situation based tactic.

    Moreover, Chris Argyris wrote in one of his article “Skilled Incompetence” — “The ability to get along with others is always an asset, right? Wrong.” I suggest reading this article, in case you did not have a chance to read by now. I am not sure but you must find it on the Harvard Business Review site.

    Interpersonal relations at workplace are complex and have many dimensions, right? – by and large, I am a believer of keeping and maintaining good, pleasant and harmonious relations with co workers — this is too because our religion teaches us the same in general. However, it is imperative and natural that one remains explicit and don’t hide things just for the sake of saving relations.

    My regards

  • I am a professional, there is no-one I cannot work with – I treat it as a personal challenge.
    Those who suffer from this afflication and cannot master it are the ‘losers’ professionally. However, if the situation is sufficiently intense it may be better to ‘remove’ the problem(s) and find more compatible pastures in other companies.