Use Rapid eLearning to Empower Your Sales Force

Use Rapid eLearning to Empower Your Sales Force

A new product is launched and your sales team needs to be trained. What are the options available to you? You can organize a product launch and give a presentation to the sales team with a bunch of product literature for self-study. However, is that adequate? Will it help them sell the product? Getting a product manager or sales manager to conduct training programs is a better option. Nevertheless, training a geographically dispersed sales force is time-consuming. In the circumstances, what are the alternatives available to you? Rapid eLearning courses are being increasingly considered as more viable options. Here are some of the benefits of Rapid eLearning courses:

Train sales people within a short period: Thanks to the Rapid authoring tools, eLearning courses can be developed quickly. It is, therefore, easy to update your sales staff about the new product before it is launched in the market. It provides a faster way to bring them up to speed about organizational changes or procedures. Irrespective of their location, they can have access to courses either through the company intranet or through an LMS.

Training within budgetary limitations: Rapid eLearning development, by virtue of being easier to produce, costs less to develop and deploy to your sales team. When you are on a tight budget and do not want to compromise on providing training to your employees, you will find training through Rapid eLearning is highly cost-effective.

Better ROI despite reduced shelf life of courses: Unlike before, courses are not expected to be used for years. Now, courses have a short shelf life. They may soon become irrelevant due to changing business scenarios and market situations. Quick product updates or changes in the internal sales process need to be informed to the sales people but it may not make sense to invest huge amounts of time and investment on classroom training. Using Rapid eLearning helps reach out to the target audience at much lower costs, thereby giving a better ROI.

Easy update of content when required: Every season you may have different promotional discounts or schemes for your sales staff or channel partners. Updating such information is easier when courses are developed using Rapid authoring tools. You don’t have to either organize or develop the course from scratch. Using authoring tools enables you to edit and update courses to make them current and relevant.

So, the next time you have to train your sales force, consider approaching an e-learning provider who can develop effective online sales training courses for your organization.